Where Can I Find Free Blueprints For A Swing Set?


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First of all you will need: Four treated 10ft 4x4s, one treated 12ft 4x4, one treated 12ft 1x6, 16 six in bolts (with nuts), eight six in eyebolts (with nuts), eight steel ‘S’ hooks, four trapezoid steel, four steel braces, four swings with chains attached, a drill, socket and ratchets, pliers, 48 3in nails, a hammer, and someone to help!

Now, cut the 1x6 in half so you have two 6ft pieces for stabilizers between the uprights. Drill eight holes in the 12ft 4x4 (this is the main beam) for the eyebolts that will attach the swings. The first bolt should be 17in from the end, and the others should be 17in apart.

Drill two holes in each upright and in the side of the main beam for the steel braces; mark where you need to drill by laying the braces onto the wood.

Put the eyebolts into the main beam with the eye on the bottom to attach the swings to; this is easier on the ground rather than when the construction is complete.

Lie the two 10ft 4x4s down at approximately a 45-degree angle, and lay the brackets on the leg ends. Nail the brackets to the legs. Turn them over, and repeat. Lay the stabilizer piece across the legs and attach so there isn’t any overhang. Repeat with the other legs.

Bolt a steel brace to the main beam, and repeat at the other end. Turn the beam over, and do it again, so the structure is secure. Bolt the other end of the brace to the legs that are already attached; repeat on both ends and sides.

Tip the swing set onto its legs and attach the ‘S’ hook to the eye of the eyebolts. You can then hang the swings, using pliers to make sure that the swings cannot become unhooked.
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Everyone  wants money for blueprints - just look at some of the pictures of swing sets on line and on "images" - then be creative!!!

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