What Is Varnish Used For?


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walter jedyk answered
It's used for staining wood work
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Alison Bickham answered
Varnish is a coating that you put on something to protect it or to make it look nicer and finer. I live on a boat and my Dad varnishes the wood and it helps to make the rain slide off it better.
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John answered
It is used for a hard durable finish for wood furniture and even golf clubs.it can be tinted for matching different kinds of wood in the same piece of furniture. Just watched norm abrams make a night stand reproduction from the late 1800's this week on the yankee workshop.
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Brooke Mundy answered
It is something that you put on wood to make it look nicer and to protect it. I made a box and I used it to keep it safe then I dropped and it wasnt even scratched.
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It is used for bringing out the grain of the wood, and also protecting its surface from external heat, scratches, and stains by external source, It is also a sort of a decoration purpose, making this object look nicer and attractive than before.
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Varnish is a sealant and can be used
to high-light the grain or even stain the wood
(we use Watco).It both protects the wood against
scratches and slows moisture loss/absorption.

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