How Do You Install A Hand Wash Basin?


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Call 1-800-plu-mber
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Installing a new hand wash basin can be a little tricky but quite simple if you follow the instructions. In case you have broken the previous one, you need to remove all the parts of the old one and throw it away. Before you remove any of the parts you need to turn off the water supply from underneath so that the water is not wasted and does not come in your way of installation. When you buy a new basin, you will receive the instructions manual with it and you will have to strictly follow it. install the required pipes in the basic first and then mount the basin using screws and screw them tightly.

After you have installed all the pipes and have mounted the new basin. Turn on the water supply and then turn on the main handle of the basin. The water should come out in an instant. If the water does not come out, call a plumber and get the basin properly fixed.

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