How Can I Remove Old Grout Of Painted Metal?


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We recently had tile installed around our tub and the contractor dropped grout on the top edge of the fiberglass tub and it has dried on.  How do we remove it?
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Grout can be cleaned using a wax stripper or a similar kind of heavy-duty cleaner with a grout brush. You should also keep in mind that to clean the deeper spots or the tough spots use bleaching powder or bleaching cleanser. Once the grout is clean rinse it off. When the metal dries completely, apply a masonry coat. This is done in order to avoid the dirt sticking to it in future. For the grouts that are milder, you can also use a grout brush with a 1.5 solution of chlorine bleach mixed with water.

Another way of cleaning the grout is with the heavy duty cleaner and a grout brush. Don't use bleach with the last two measures as it removes the colour of the metal.

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