How To Clean Mold Off Concrete Pool Deck?


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Muriatic acid is used to clean concrete (sold at hardware stores) but be careful with it (strong powerful stuff) and be sure not to mix it with any other chemical, which reminds me why not try a solution of household bleach and water first and see how that works, you may have to do a little scrubbing, then rinse it with water.
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A bit offtopic, but muriatic acid is also used to maintain the pool water.

Oh, sweet lifeguard memories.

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Tim Jordan , Mold Testing Service | Colorados Leading Locally Owned Mold Removal Express Co, answered

Steps to Clean Mold Off Concrete Pool Deck

1. Take warm water in a bucket with a small amount of mild bleach. Once the concrete cleaner has taken shape, use a mop to apply the newly formed cleaner to your pool deck.

2. When cleaning solution properly applied, it's now time to clean your pool deck. Using a hard-bristled scrub broom, purge any dirt, mildew or grime from your concrete pool deck. Make sure to apply a little extra elbow grease if you encounter any stubborn stains.

3. The final step in cleaning concrete pool decks is rinsing off any remaining traces of your concrete cleaner. Use a garden hose to thoroughly rinse your deck clean, after which the area should be completely filth-free.

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Vinegar and Pine Sol both work on mold, you can dump those on and let it soak down into the concrete and see if that helps, too. It's a lot cheaper and less harmful than muriatic acid, so maybe that would be a good place to start first.

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