I Have Purchased A New Sofa Bed. How Can I Remove The Chemical Smell On It?


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Chemical smell in the sofa can be quite nauseating and hence removal of the same is imperative. Sometimes the sofa material itself out gasses (some vinyl materials) and gives a strong odor. In any case the odor has to be treated with effective materials before the furniture could be used.

One of the strongest odor absorbers historically have been charcoal or activated carbon. These absorbers are extremely effective because they have a large surface area due to a huge network of pores. This porosity is the reason for their being effective.
Another form is activated Carbon blankets which absorb odors very quietly. They can absorb odor from new and old furniture, mattresses, and cars. At the same time they are environmentally very safe. If you leave this on your furniture, they will quietly do their job. Moreover reactivation of used blankets is also easy. It can be done quite quickly and simply by leaving them under the sun for a while.
Other than activated Carbon, a second technique could work in case of material out gassing. Raising the temperature of the surrounding helps the gassing process. Hence if you can raise the heat in the room and close the doors and windows then open the same at night, it can help. Of course you have to repeat the process for a few days, Good Luck!
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I think i'd go with the leave it outside (or leave the windows open) option. Don't forget to check the weather if you leave it outside though!
All new furniture will smell for a few days but it'll soon go.

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