I Want To Make A Carpet Stretcher Because I've Heard It Can Be Done. Can You Help?


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Laying a carpet is an awkward thing to do. If you can afford to, you can hire professional carpet layers but if you have reasonably tight budget, then it is recommended to look for avenues which will teach you about carpeting your own home. You can take a course through your college or even seek online help. Take your time using the equipments needed for carpet installations. Make sure you have the right material and equipment needed to get the job done well.    Learning to use a carpet stretcher is a task you have to do, if you are sure about laying your own carpeting. By virtue of the stretcher, you will be able to pull the carpeting in an orderly manner i.e.; without creases or funny looking bumps. The carpet looks nice and flat thanks to a carpet stretcher. It is better to buy a stretcher from a local hardware or carpeting store. You can even purchase it online by searching for carpet laying tools.    A carpet stretcher is solid metal tool with 'teeth' that can hold the carpet well. . You will need to fit one side of the carpet stretcher against the wall where the carpet is already attached. Hold the other end about 6 inches from the farthest part of the wall. Since the carpet stretcher has teeth to hold the carpet, you will see that once you push the activation lever, it stretches the carpet above the tackless strip. If there is some amount of extra carpet near the wall, you can trim it with a wall trimmer or a utility knife.

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