Where Can I Buy Off-cuts Of Carpet?


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You could try your local carpet store. Carpet cut-offs can be used to create unique inexpensive rugs. Purchasing online may be another option, especially websites such as ebay, where you could get your cut-offs for extremely low prices.

Alternatively, you could use your own carpets to create cut-offs, but you may need to come to an agreement over who the leftover carpet belongs to. For example, if you have just bought a brand new carpet and have hired an installer to fit it and there's some left over, then it could belong to him. Or it may belong to the retailer.

If you end up keeping the carpet yourself, then you could use it to make rugs or to cover over areas of your floor that are stained or worn.

If you need some cut-offs to fill a small area and you find that your local store doesn't provide them, you could always purchase carpet squares instead as an easy alternative.
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In south east area
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Try the local carpet store.

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