Can Anyone Tell Me The Name Of The Machine That Cuts Thermocol ? Where Can I Find One ?


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Arun Raj answered
The machine that cuts the thermocol is the thermocol cutter. With the help of the thermocol cutter, you can cut the thermocol skilful, tracing the pattern that you have drawn with the pen or pencil. After the cutting is over, it is quite easy to remove the chipped out portions.

However when you need to cut through bit sheets of thermocol, then you may want to take the help of the thermocol cutting machine. It makes use of a 0.05 mm heating wire, capable of heating briskly. This machine is precise and helps cut through the thermocol to get the shape you desire. Instead of relying on hard laborious labour which can cause a lot of mess, the thermocol cutting machine used advanced computer technology for high quality cutting and precision.

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