How Do You Get Pen Marks Off Walls?


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Getting pen marks off your walls can prove to be challenging. In most cases you get Mr. clean magic erasers which should do the trick. However, you need to be careful and see that the paint does not fade or chip off. Ultimately it would depend on the ink of the pen and the type of paint or wall paper on your walls. You can experiment with different options like, baking soda pastes, rubbing alcohol and citrus cleaners. This is not advisable for glossy walls as it tends to spoil the finish of the paint.

Some swear by spraying hairspray and then wiping the area. Sometimes, simply using a cloth with soapy water will work just as well (though it works best on glossy paint). You could try cleaners meant for tubs or sinks.

If nothing works or it tends to damage the paint job you will simply have to repaint the wall or get your child to display his artwork on the wall.

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