How Do You Get Felt Tip Pen Out Of Suede?


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I'm not sure if this will work on suede so you might ask your local dry cleaner what they would recommend before you try this but I know that this works on most fabrics so here you go and I hope it helps. Rub salt onto a fresh ink stain, and soak fabric over night in milk. Wash as usual.  BEFORE YOU TRY THIS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL DRY CLEANER I can't promise that this will work as the proteins in the milk could damage the suede and I wouldn't want that.
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Rena Chisholm
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There is a product that some dry cleaners use called Carbosol.
It is amazing stuff and is only sold in some hardware stores.
I have never tried it on suede, but it doesn't fade the material and even removes paint from clothing.
Suede is a difficult material to deal with. I agree with Scarlett. Should consult a Dry Cleaner.

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