How Do You Get Rid Of Pencil Marks Off The Wall?


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If they are just pencils then you can just erase them off with a normal eraser. You just have to be a little more careful to ensure that the eraser does a good job and does not leave any stains on the wall. A white art gum eraser would be the most suitable one to use in this situation. Otherwise use a paste of baking powder made by mixing it with water. Rub this mixture on the place of the pencil marks and then gently rub them off with a clean dry cloth.

Non-gel toothpaste would also be very helpful in getting off pencil marks from the walls. Just rub the toothpaste on the wall and swipe it clean with a dry and clean cloth. The plus points of pencils are that they are entirely erasable.
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We have tried to use a rubber and it has not helped it has just made it worse pulling of the wallpaper to !!!! Help we are in big big big troble
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Actually, I figured out that instead of putting toothpaste directly on the wall, put it on a damp rag or washcloth. Then take the rag with toothpaste and then rub it on the pencil marks. It acts like one big eraser, a really good one! Once you are done erasing, just wipe off the remaining toothpase from the wall, and then you're done! Awesome, right? ; )
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Pencil marks,use a rubber to rub it out.
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Mr Clean eraser might work

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