How Often Should I Wash My Bed Linen?


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If you have allergies (especially to dust, etc.) your sheets should be washed weekly in the hottest water possible with dergent and bleach. This kills all dust mites
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I change my bedding twice a week. We sweat a lot when we are sleeping and that makes the sheets really smelly, that includes the pillow cases also.
You sheets can really smell if you do not change them, who wants to sleep in a smelly bed.
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I would say wash sheets at LEAST once a week. Any longer than that is just nasty and stinky.  I usually throw all the pillow cases in with the colored clothes loads throughout the week, as I do wash several loads of those in a weeks time. It is nice to get into bed and have a clean, fresh smelling pillow. If you have a man living in your household, you know what I mean.
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Once a week
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We spend (or should spend) up to 8 hours a night in our beds. We spend that long in our clothes, but yet we wash our clothes more often!!

While you are asleep you can move about a lot. We also sweat a lot (have you ever noticed how dehydrated you are in the morning!)

In saying that you don't have to change your linen too often. Your pillow will be the dirtiest. The sweat from your head, greasy hair, and of course, dribble, means it should be cleaned more often.

Ideally when you buy bed sheets buy an extra set of pillow cases. Change your pillow case every week. Change your sheets and duvet cover at least every fortnight.

Over time all sheets become a little faded and stained from our body oils and washing. You will find that more expensive materials will last longer and wash a lot better.
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One a month is below average.
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How often should I sleep on bed linen before I wash it? It is good to use bed linen for two weeks before I wash it.
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I launder mine every other Sunday......any more, and it's a time waster; any less, & it's creepy!!!

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