How to care for your Bed Linen?


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I only buy ones I can wash and dry at home. I had a comforter that needed to be dry cleaned but because my dog slept on it the local dry cleaner refused to clean it. I threw it in my washer and dryer and it was fine.

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Tough stains before they set in get treated with hydrogen peroxide then into a washer. Line drying prolongs the life of fabrics. Rarely use my dryer.

Once dried sheet sets get folded and then slid into the matching pillow case ready for the linen closet.

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Studies show that creating a pleasing and soothing sleep environment is
not merely a luxury, but essential to getting a good night’s sleep. So,
creating a healthy ambience for your bedroom is very important for your health
too. The bedsheets should portray a fresh scent. So, the basic Guidelines are:

(a)  Change your bedsheets on a
weekly basis just to keep your bed fresh.

(b)  Wash like color in cold or
warm water on the ‘medium or gentle’ spin.

(c)  Linen must be dried on low
heat to avoid shrinkage and fold the bedsheet as soon as they are dried to save
them from wrinkles.

(d)  Wash your comforter, duvet cover or quilt once a
month at least.

(e)  You must follow the wash/dry
instruction present on the label of bedding.

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