Is It Safe To Spray Lysol Disinfectant On A Bed In The Morning, Then In The Night Allow An 11-year To Old Sleep On It? (If I Wash It I Would Overdo It.)


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Yeah sure it's safe, that's what I do, I wash all my sheet's in Clorox bleach, vacuum my mattress and spray it with lysol disinfectant before I turn my mattress over and do the other side too, then I replace my sheets, but I do it at bedtime, if I travel I like to take lysol with me and just spray any bed will be sleeping in, yes, it is safe, that's what it's for.
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Two things you need to look at, first:
1) Lysol spray is for SOLID surfaces.
2) and the warning label says 'hazardous to
humans and animals'.
I know that breathing it (spraying it into the air
like air freshener...dumb idea) can make
you and everybody around you sick.   With that
in mind,   I'm not all that that I'd want to sleep on and
maybe even breathe in what doesn't evaporate, either.
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Yes Sure .Everytime I Do My Weekly Bed sheet Change   I Spray All The Beds With Lysol   Then Let It Dry.. And Put Fresh Sheets On About 4 Hours Later.
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The active ingredient is ethanol...while you can spray it, it's only going to work on the very outer surface.
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I'm, sure it will be safe,but if it is a regular,nightime occurence,your doctor will have heard of it,and dealt with it   hundreds of times,and may be able to help
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Just wash it and either line dry it(hang it up to dry)   or put it in the dryer for 20-30 minutes.if the eleven year old is having a problem then talk to them and take them to see a doctor instead of them being embarassed and trying to hide may be nothing and the 11 year old will grow out of it or they may need some medicine or a treatment to help them .just my may be nothing more than a natural part of growing up and they need to talk to a adult about it like a parent or doctor.believe it or not they have been through this or know about it.after all that is what parents and doctors are for.
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And if it is what i think it is then just buy a mattress cover to protect the mattress and keep the sheet from making contact with the mattress.then no harm no foul. In otherwords it probably won't be a problem in the great scheme of things.
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The eleven year old is just having wet dreams- his sperms leak on the bed while he is dreaming about having sex, or fearing what will happen if he does have sex with someone he has a "love/like" crush on, especailly if he has the BAD expereince of seeing his parents, or other adults, he is expected to respect, fight in the sex act. Painful sex expereinces can cause "wet Dreams to become part of his life and follow him into adulthood and the situation can only be resoved by a loving caring friend.

It is embarassing enough for the child when he has wet deams and if you spray the bed, and he sees it could be even more embarassing.  Just treat the situation as normal because it is, and just remove his sheets and wash them for him, no matter how often his "acts" occur.

Lysol is harmful physically, both to yourself and him, even when you are careful, although it might be good at removing germs, the intensity of the chemical does have bad residual effects. Psychologically it is bad for a kid, going through a new phase in his life, to see his bed sprayed with lysol it HURTS for life and buts a ridge in the father/mother child relationship.

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