I've a rental home with air conditioner vents in the floors. Someone vomited in the vent accidentally and it smells awful. The tenant sprayed an entire can of Lysol in the vent to no avail. How can I get rid of the smell?


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Call a vent cleaning service. They have the correct tools and know-how to clean it right.

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Nassy Nascarnut
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Thanx...cuz this home is 26 hours from me.
Ancient Hippy
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Oh my, what a ride that would be. If you have a service come out, they'll clean the ducts good. You just can't tell how far the vomit traveled into the duct work.
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I think you have to call a vent clean service and they have know that how to clean it. It is good for you.

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Not easily but very simply.  Take the bent cover off soak and scrub it clean. Then clean down into the vent.

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