What Is The Approximate Cost In United States Currency For A King Size Tempur-Pedic Bed?


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You are a very lucky lady to get a present like that. I've been in a very bad car accident years ago. I've been in hospital for a while and the Doctor actually thought that I wasn't even to make it but I did, so when I left the hospital they said that by the time Im 40 I will be in a wheelchair and here I am still walking, run and doing everything myself. Not even the insurance company wants to cover my back that is how bad my back is but I say that it is due to my bed that things are going so well. Nassy those beds are very, very expensive. I have one myself and can't sleep on anything else. In my country these type of beds are very, very expensive so you have to order one and mine has a 30 year guarantee on it. In our money a normal good bed would cost anything between R3 000 to R7 000 but any kind of orthopedic bed would cost you anything from R19 000 to R27 000 which is a lot more. Normally when I go on holiday then my back is the first thing that suffer because of all the different beds you sleep, they are either to soft or just funny and the first thing I do when I get home is to wish that the night wants to come early so I can get into my bed and sleep, haha. I say again you are very lucky. Who is the friend maybe I should get to know this friends so they can by me a spear one as well, haha
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Around two grand. They were pretty pricey (3500) when they first came out, but once the newness wore off, they are discounted like anything else. Sell them everyday here for 2 large. One disadvantage of them that they don't tell you about - you MUST keep relatively clean sheets on them as they will hold odor.
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They run around $3500., Nassy....Lucky U!
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No kidding?!?! Holy smokes!!! I knew they were pricey but jeesh...thank you very much my dear friend for that info. [[[hugs]]] U r invited to my next slumber party...lol...‚ô•Nassy
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Can I have the window side ? LOL I got someone a "Bob-O-Pedic". (It's the store brand here in NJ. ) It was much cheaper, and quite close to the real thing. Sure hope this thing helps your back.
I've slept in one & it wasn't bad...Just took time to get used to. I still like my pillowtop....even if it is harder to flip over in. I figure my morning backache's gonna be there, anyway...so may as well be comfy rest of the time. Big (((((((Hugzzz )))))))2 U, Nas. And sleep tight !!
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They are not very cheep, but most of the time cost is not better for your back either!

You read the story and know I was Harry in it, and I'm very lucky not to be in a wheel chair!
This makes my back feel a lot better, and all three work!

A 3/4" plywood with a 4" foam mattress on it! This is Super too!

Higher sturp heeled Tony Lama Boots! This is real good it's the angle of foot changes the pressure on your back and it's for real too!

And the pain sometimes gets real bad and it hurts bad to walk! SO I get on a bicycle and ride about 2 miles and walk WITHOUT A CANE the rest of the day!

When you get back down to Florida try THOSE OLDER Chinese ones out! They are god sent even for the Vets with Agent Orange!

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