Do Tiles Go Under Kitchen Base Cabinets, When Tiling Kitchen?


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Larry Patterson Profile
Larry Patterson answered
I would probably base that decision on whether or not the cabinets were already in place when I installed the tile, and also on the price of the tile.  I have dome it both ways.  The only thing different if tile is not installed under the cabinets is that the counters might be a quarter to half inch lower, and maybe if you replace the cabinets at a later date, they may fit up to the tile a little differently.
I definitely would not remove existing cabinets to put tile under them.  

If I were installing new cabinets and new floor tiles, it would be a financial decision for me--do I want to hide $ 100 to $ 500 worth of tile and backer board under some cabinets, where they will probably never be seen again?
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Laura Wilde answered
When we had our kitchen done,  they pulled out the stove and tiled that area  and removed the kick plate on the front of the dishwasher and tiled as far back as needed.  We didn't move any cabinetry at all.  It worked out just fine

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