Which way should the blade go on in a mulching lawnmower?


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The quick answer is that the blade should be installed so that it swings up in order to push the cut grass back up into the mover blades in order to mulch the grass. That being said, the real answer really depends on what mover you have and the manner in which the blades interact with one another. While there are many similarities in the way that different mulching lawnmowers are constructed and the way that the different blades combine in order to achieve both mowing and mulching actions, there are also some differences.

  • In general, most mulching mowers have a structure in which the blades bend up, facing the engine.
  • Most of them also have mowers that rotate in a clockwise motion when you are facing the lawn mower and looking down at the blades.
  • The cutting edge of the blade usually comes toward you on the right in order to push the grass away from you on the left.
  • All of these details would be reversed if you have the mower upside down in order to mess with the blades however.

Since there are variations in the construction of lawn mowers and the way that blade in mulching mowers interact with one another, these are all just generalities and may not work with your particular model. The best way to know for certain with regard to your mower is to look at the owner's manual. It should contain written instructions as well as diagrams for installing blades.

If you don't have your owner's manual, you can often find it online by looking up the manufacturer's website. If it isn't available online, you should be able to contact the company to get a copy and maybe even immediate answers from a representative with the company.

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