Is The Bolt On A Cub Cadet Mower Blade Reverse Thread?


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No it is a RH thread like a normal bolt,  I fought with mine because I could  not get to move. Then I went to the store and bought a spindel and nut (8 bucks total )    to make certain what it was going the right way . The way I did it was  by using two    1 1/8 in  half inch drive sockets.  One on a breaker bar for the under side, the blade nut and the other on a 12 inch ratchet handel that I held in place with a 5 foot length of rope  NOT A BLOCK OF WOOD  that is just  SILLY.  It was a walk in the park.  Don't forget to re grease when you are done.    OH  pull the wire off of the spark plug  before  you start.

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