When Installing New Blades On A Craftsman Lawn Tractor, How Should The Blades Be Positioned Before Bolting Them?


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Below are some instructions on how to install new lawn mower blades.

First of all you will need a socket or wrench set, a small piece of scrap wood, an old scraper or putty knife, penetrating oil (may or may not be necessary) and new or newly sharpened mower blades.

The first thing that you need to do is park your lawn mower somewhere safe and make sure that the emergency brake is firmly on. For further safety, open the hood of the lawn mower and disengage the spark plug way. This is to stop the lawn mower from accidentally starting when you are working on it.

The next thing to do is to slide the piece of scrap wood under the mower deck which will take the weight off the pins that hold the deck to the tractor.

The third step is to remove the mower deck. Although this process may differ depending on the type of mower, the majority of them will usually just require you to remove the set of pins that hold it in place. In order to completely remove the deck you will also need to remove the drive belt from the pulley.

The fourth step is to pull the deck out from under the tractor and flip it over so that you can see the blades. Use the scraper or an old putty knife to remove any debris, mud or grass from the blades.

Using your piece of scrap wood, wedge it between the mower blades and the deck but make sure that the blades do not turn.

Use the wrench to remove the bolt or nut that fasten the blade to the deck. If you find this difficult then spray it with penetrating oil and leave it to soak for five to ten minutes.

The next step is for you to install the new blades. Make sure that the new blades are positioned exactly the same as the old ones.

Finally, re-attach the deck to the mower and put back the drive belt, making sure that it is tightly attached. And then re attach the spark plug.
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Depends. Some decks are timed meaning that the puuleys have dot,lines or markings on them. On a timed deck, you must align all the pulleys to their marks when putting on the belt or as they turn, they'll slam into each other causing damage to the blades. If the deck is not timed, then it does not matter. One way to see if it is timed is to royate the blades and if they touch at their closest points you need to find the markings. My deck is not timed and there is less than 1/8 inch between the blade ends at their closest.
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Do we charge a new lawn mower battery.when we get it home from store if so how long..also the mower stops  running soon as we put it in gear on put the mowing deck on..we cleaned the gas tank, spark plug check for things under the deck all clear... Now what

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