How To Replace Blade On Riding Lawn Mower?


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On mine you just disconnect the battery first then lower the deck all the way down with the height adjustment lever. Once that is done then you pull 5 clips holding the brackets to the deck for raising and lowering the deck. After that is done you release the tension on the belt with a wrench on the tensioner pulley and drop the drive belt from the motor's pulley. Now with everything unclipped you raise the deck and place a 2"x4" under the deck and lower it again with the lever. This will take the weight off the hangers and allow you to unhook the pins holding the deck. Then all you do is pull the deck out from under the mower. With the deck out you can stand it up against a wall with the bottom of the deck facing you . Now all you do is block the blade from turning with a short piece of 2"x4" wood about 1 1/2 feet long now with the correct socket and breaker bar you take off the nut holding the blades on the deck.replace each blade separately making sure to put each blade back on the way you took them off the deck(most blades can only go on one way because of the design in other words it is idiot proof for people like me). The reason you only do one blade at a time is so the other blades can be your example in case for any reason you forget how you removed the other blade(it can show the exact order the blade,lockwasher,washer,nut go in order of position).now after you have replaced all the blades you will need to tighten all the blades down to approximately the same tightness as they were when you frist broke them loose(usually you will need a torque wrench/rachet set to the proper torque your manual or dealler should be able to tell you the lbs needed for the torque wrench). The torque wrench will click at the the point you reach the proper lbs of torque on the nut holding the blade. Finally after all this you will just reverse the first few steps that it took to remove the deck from the mower. I hope I explained this well enough.

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