One side of my Bolens riding mower does not cut?


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There could be a number of reasons why your Bolens riding mower does not cut grass effectively anymore - the main reasons for this are faulty blades or a faulty belt.

  • Reason one - faulty blades

The blades that are responsible for cutting the grass could be faulty in a number of ways. For example, the blades may be blunt on one side of the mower, but not on the other, causing the mower to cut grass unevenly. You may be able to remedy this problem by sharpening the blades.

Or, the blades on one side may have snapped or broken - this may have happened if your lawn mower ran over a large stone or another such obstacle, and would have left the blades on one side of the mower in working condition. In some cases, the blades on one side of the mower may have become detached at fallen off all together. If either of these is the case, then the blades will need to be replaced.

  • Reason two - a faulty belt

In a Bolens riding mower, the blades in the mower are all connected to a belt, which rotates in order to allow the blades to cut the grass. If there is a problem with the belt, then the blades may cut the grass unevenly. Problems with the belt include wear and tear, and the belt coming loose inside the mower. The easiest way to rectify this problem is to attempt to tighten the belt - however, if this does not work, you will probably need to purchase and install a new belt onto your Bolens riding mower.

  • Bolens riding mowers

Bolens riding mowers are large outdoor devices designed to make cutting grass on large areas on land easy. Users sit on top of the mower and maneuver it using a steering wheel. Bolens also manufacture a number of other types of outdoor equipment, including push lawn powers, trimmers and tillers.

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