How To Change Drive Belt On Bolens Riding Mower?


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A worn belt on a Bolens riding mower would cause the equipment to become unusable. When compared to normal, push mowers, the Bolens riding mowers are different in the fact that they have twin-cutting blades that are belt driven. Installing a new belt can be completed in approximately an hour without any specialist tools.

The blades on the mower within the cutting deck rotate on spindles attached to the top of the deck. The blades are rotated by a flexible belt that is attached to pulleys mounted on the end of the protruding spindles. An electric clutch pulley, mounted underneath the machines engine, moves the belt itself. This belt however can become subject to wear and may need replacing after much use.

The belt can be removed from the machine without having to remove the whole cutting deck in the case of the smaller 38-inch model of mower. The first step to be taken in order to remove the old belt is to slide the cutting deck adjustment lever to its lowest notch. This lever can be found on the right rear fender of the machine. Completing this step allows more room above the mower deck. Underneath the clutch pulley below the machines engine, there should be retaining bolts for the belt keeper apparent, which should be removed next. The keeper should be lowered and set aside. The belt can now be slipped off the clutch pulley; this can be done by hand. The retaining bolts from the pulley guard on top of the cutting deck should then be removed before lifting the guard up in order to gain access to the spindle pulleys. Ensure to remember, or take note, of the way in which the old belt is routed before slipping the belt off the remaining apparent pulleys.

At this point it should be ensured that the new belt is of the same length and width as the old one. It should also be apparent that the belt has a narrower cross section on its inside compared with the outside. The narrow side of the belt should be slipped into the grooves of the spindle pulleys on either side of the cutting deck. The wider side of the belt should then be routed around the idler pulley close to the front of the cutting deck. The belt is then slipped around the clutch pulley apparent underneath the engine. The belt keeper and pulley guards should then be replaced and the retaining bolts put back into place. The deck adjustment lever can then be readjusted to its original position.
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I changed my lawnmower blades on my bolen riding mower, but one side cuts and the other does not?  Why is this.  I even took them off to make sure it was placed right, but still no cut?
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You're probably going to have to drop the deck to do this as theres no easy way on any mower to do this

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