How To Change The Mower Deck Belt On A Lt166?


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If you are looking to change the mower deck belt on your LT166 lawn mower, you firstly need to consult the manual that came with your model. Look for the instructions on changing the belt in the contents and then follow the step by step instructions to change the belt without having to contact the company you bought it from. If you have misplaced the manual that came with your lawn mower, you can contact the company with their online bookstore by searching online. From this site, you can buy a new manual to view online and fix your lawn mower.

Alternatively, you can call 1-800-522-7448 to order a replacement manual for your lawn mower. Before you ring the number, be sure to have your model number or the specific serial number from your lawn mower, which is generally 13 digits long and will be written on the lawn mower itself. Also, it will be handy to have your credit card to hand before calling the number, to save your time.

If you find yourself unable to fix the lawn mower yourself with the steps in the manual, or you are physically unable to do it yourself, you need to contact your local John Deere dealer for help and assistant. This way, they can help you get in touch with your local repairman who can fix your lawn mower for you for a small fee, meaning there's no chance of breaking it and having to purchase a completely new one.

When you are attempting to fix your lawn mower, always stick to the instructions and never deviate from what the experts have written. If you were to, you may be at risk of hurting yourself whilst attempting to fix it. If you find you can't do it yourself, always take the more sensible option and search for a repairman.

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