How Do I Change The Mower Belt On A John Deere LX172?


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I pulled the you shaped pins on the back of the mower. I then pulled the lever on the front it looks like its a rectangle shaped bar. Its on the same side as the clutch. I picked up the front of the mower and pulled the mower out. The drive belt from the motor was broken.
Their is a cover plate for the belt on one side. I removed the three small bolts. I used an 18 inch pipe wrench and moved the tension er so the belt could be removed. Watch the winding on the belt draw a picture before removing. I wound the belt and then used the pipe wrench on the tension-er as its very hard to get the new belt on I used a pry bar between the brace on back of the mower and pushed against the pipe wrench until I could get the belt on.
I then started to remove the main belt. I removed one brace and loosened the pulleys on the tension-er. Then I removed the two wing nuts on the seat and unplugged and removed the seat. I then removed two bolts at the back and two nuts by the foot rest. I unscrewed the gear shift handle and removed this and removed the deck for the seat. I then picked up the gas tank and slid it out of the way. This allows you to remove the belt from the main drive pulley for the rear end. Then go the motor pulley and unplug it so the belt can be removed. Then unbolt the lever from the steering linkage so you can remove the belt.
Install the belt and adjust the three  tension-er. Loosen the belts for the three pulleys the pulleys move.
One belt cover and a brace also have to be removed. Also replug in the solenoid.
When all this was done I slide the mower back into place. I installed the belt from the mower to the motor. It is very tight and hard to get into place. I think I'm going to remove the two nuts on the brackets so I can drop the back arms into place and install the two you pins. Then I'm going to install the front mower bracket it has two adjustment nuts so the depth can be adjusted.

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