How Do You Change The Belt On Scotts Riding Mower Model # 1742G?


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To replace the belt on the Scotts Riding Mower 1742G the following steps must be followed:

  • Park the vehicle safely

This is vital and the vehicle must be completely stopped and the mower blades should be disengaged. All moving parts should have stopped before moving onto the next stage.

  • Remove mower deck

This is needed to gain access to the belt itself.

  • Remove the drive belt

There are three different sizes of mower deck and the size of the mower deck determines how many screws need to be removed to remove the drive belt. The 38-inch mower deck has three screws, the 42-inch mower deck has two screws and the 46-inch mower deck has six screws.

All these screws should be removed and then the pulley should be loosened and moved to the right. The mower belt can then be removed.

  • Insert new belt

If the belt needs changing it can simply be placed into where the old belt was and the pulley should be moved back to the left position. The belt guard should be reinserted and the screws tightened back up. The mower deck should be reinstalled and the tension of the belt should be adjusted if necessary.

The vehicle can now be restarted safely.

Scotts Riding Mower 1742G is a mower that is manufactured by John Deere; with the products believed to be the best quality on the market. The operating manuals of the products should provide the owner with the necessary information to change belts, blades and fix anything that is causing a problem with the mower.

There are also details of the dealers in the manual and the dealer should be contacted if there is a fault with the mower. If problems cannot be resolved then the Customer Communications Centre should be contacted; their telephone number is 1-800-537-8233.

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