How Do I Put A Drive Belt On A Yard Machine Riding Lawnmower?


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It is relatively simple to put a belt on to a Riding Lawnmower. You need to be careful when you carry out this process because if you make a mistake it could be quite dangerous. Therefore, before you begin you should park the lawnmower on a flat surface in a safe position and ensure that the parking brake is on. You should make sure that you wait approximately half an hour for the motor to cool before you do anything. After that time the motor should have cooled down and then you should proceed to remove the floor plate, or the mower deck. You can do this by releasing both the latches on either side.
Once that is done you should retrieve the cutter deck and put it in the cutting position, which is usually in the middle of the lawnmower. After that you should insert a 3/8-inch socket into the square hole, which will be on the idler located on the mower deck. This will loosen the idler and then ultimately loosen the drive belt. You should then remove the cutter belt that has been loosened from the pulleys with your hands and then you can move on to the next step. Once the belt has been removed you should wrap the new belt around the pulleys where the previous one stood. Make sure the belt is wrapped evenly to prevent from tangling, and then slide the pulleys in opposite directions in order to tighten the belt. After that, you should insert the socket into the square hole located on the idler and tighten. Make sure you continue to tighten but ensure the belt has slack measuring the width of a finger.

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