Should I Prune My Hibiscus Before Winter, Or In Early Spring?


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Lucy Burroughs answered
The best time to prune your hibiscus plant is during the spring months. You’ll want to avoid pruning when it’s particularly could, though.

Why Should I Prune My Hibiscus In The Spring?
It’s quite simple, really – pruning your hibiscus over the spring months will allow the plant to rejuvenate itself after a long winter of inactivity. It  should also stimulate new growth, right in time for summer!

Once your plant starts sprouting in the spring, give it a really good trim - cut out all the dead and weak branches, as they're only wasting the plant's nutrients while they're attached.

Can I Prune My Hibiscus Any Other Time?
Some people say you can prune hibiscuses in late summer or early fall, but you really want to avoid pruning them towards the end of fall and over the winter period. The later in the season that you prune, the less new growth you'll get.

If you do choose to prune over the summer, keep it to a light trim - you want to get all the heavy pruning done when they first start sprouting.

Hope this helps. Enjoy your hibiscus plants!
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Depending on the zone you are in, don't cut your Hibiscus down, wait until Spring and watch where it's putting out new growth and cut all the dead above the new.
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I live in the southern part of Ohio...I usually cut my hibscus plant down before winter and cover it up...will the hurt the plant otherwise.

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