How Do I Prune An Hibiscus Tree?


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There are two kinds of Hisbiscus: Hardy and Tropical. You can tell the difference by the Hardy having dull medium-green leaves that are heart-shaped and these have huge flowers. The Tropical have glossy dark green leaves with a smaller flower (saucer size) in red, pink, orange, yellow.

The Hardy Hisbiscus is a perennial and dies back to the ground every year, coming back in the Spring. Frost does not affect the Hardy Hisbiscus unless very severe.

You probably have the Tropical. Always prune in the early spring and never late fall or winter. Hisbiscus plants are pruned much like Roses. The flowers bloom on new wood. You should prune in early Spring by removing crossing branches, dead, injured, diseased and any branches growing toward the center of the plant. These branches should be pruned down to the bottom of the branch. Take the whole thing out.
To prune for decorative purpose or to shorten a branch, make the cut about 1/4 inch above an eye that is pointing in the direction you want the branch to grow. After pruning you should apply fertilizer and water.

If an older hisbiscus you can prune 1/3 of the older wood in early spring. Remember, the new wood produces the flowers.

Throughout the growing season you can pinch the branch tips to encourage more flowers.

Stop pruning in the fall so you do not encourage new growth during the upcoming frost time. Many people take their hisbiscus indoors for the winter if possible. Still, wait until Spring to prune.
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Things You'll Need:

  • Loppers
  • Pruning Shears
  1. Step1
    Use well-sharpened pruning shears to prune poorly shaped young plants in early spring. Remove crossing branches, dead, diseased or injured wood and any branches growing toward the center of the plant.
  2. Step2
    Prune out and remove 1/3 of older wood on mature hibiscus plants in early spring to keep plants growing vigorously. Mature plants left unpruned will eventually grow leggy and weak. Use lopping shears for larger branches.
  3. Step3
    Pinch branch tips throughout the growing season to encourage hibiscus to be bushy and full. More branches mean more flowers!
  4. Step4
    Stop all forms of pruning in the fall. Pruning encourages new growth which is more susceptible to frost damage.
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Pruning is a method that is used for shaping the growth of the plant, manage the size of the plant and getting rid of weed and diseased wood. The ideal pruning time for Hibiscus plant is when the new growth is taking place. Prune the longest third of the branches at one time and then return in 4-6 weeks to prune the next batch of longest third. Here is a link for step by step instructions on how to do it.
Hibiscus Pruning
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