Why Is Tree Pruning Done?


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Tree pruning is quite a useful and sometimes necessary option. Generally trees get pruning done to maintain a high level of health quality or to enhance their appearance and sometimes even remove probable perils posed to people or property.

As for cases when tree pruning becomes necessary, these are the cases where the branches are not fit enough to be part of the tree. Instead they are broken or dead and on some instances contain some disease within them. These cases normally occur with ageing trees and pruning is done primarily to restore their lost energy and strength by cutting and letting more air and light enter the tree by thinning out the layer of the center.

However pruning means to cause wounds to trees and like wounds and bruises of humans, the wounds of trees should also be healed as otherwise these wounds could cause diseases. For this purpose, special dressing is available at most garden supply stores, which should be applied to all the cuts who have a diameter of more than an inch. This is done to protect the trees from fungi growth.

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