What Does The Purple Strawberry Guava Tree Look Like?


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The strawberry guava tree is dark green with a smooth trunk and a splay of smooth-edged, oval leaves. At an approximate mature height of fifteen feet tall, the tree is relatively short. Its leaves average out at about three inches in length and two inches in width, and the tree bears white flowers. From these flowers grow purple-tinted strawberry guavas, which are small, round fruits similar in size to a ping pong ball.

You can find plenty of purple strawberry guava trees in their native Brazil, where they populate the Atlantic coastal region. They are also abundant in Hawaii, but they're considered to be detrimental to the environment there, and have the distinct dishonour of being one of the state's most invasive plant species. Hawaiian strawberry guava trees have crowded many species of native flora out of their habitats, contributed to breaking up natural eco zones, disrupted fauna communities, and nurtured a particularly destructive species of fruit flies.

Even people who grow strawberry guava trees outside of Brazil and Hawaii complain about how easily these plants attract insects. Many people refuse to even attempt to eat the fruits of these trees either because bugs have left nothing suitable for human consumption, or because larvae can be hard to spot in the fruit itself.

Hawaii is now taking steps towards culling its population of strawberry guava trees through the introduction of a natural enemy into the Hawaiian ecosystem. Affected trees will lose some of their smooth quality and will develop galls on their leaves. The plants will look the same otherwise.

Still, many people embrace the presence of the strawberry guava tree both for its attractive, ornamental aesthetic and for its fruit. Strawberry guavas are said to be rich in vitamin C, and some people are very fond of their flavour -- fond enough, in some instances, that they don't mind the bugs.
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The purple strawberry guava is a small shrub, about 15 feet in height. It is a dark green tree, bearing a smooth trunk with glossy oval shaped leaves that are positioned in opposite directions on the stem. The leaves of the purple strawberry guava tree have a pleasant scent and are 2-4 inches long and about 2 inches in width. The flowers of the tree are white with several pollen bearing stamens. The fruit of the tree appear similar to the dimension of a golf ball.

The purple strawberry guava tree is found mostly in the Atlantic coastal area of Brazil. However the trees are an environment –altering pest causing enough threat to Hawaii's uncommon, but wide-spread flora and fauna.

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