What Does A Fig Tree Leaf Look Like?


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Fig leaves come in variations due to the different types of fig trees. The majority of fig leaves adopt a palmate shape which can also be described as hand-like leaf shape, and the size of these leaves can range from one inch to 7 inches. You can decipher what type of fig tree it is depending on how many lobes it has on the fig leaf. Even though the outer shape of the leaf looks similar on all types of fig trees, the detailing on each individual lobe may be different, so it is important to keep that in mind. For example, Ischia and Constantine fig leaves have three lobes and one set of leaves will appear a brighter green. These types of figs are grown in California and Florida as they need the effect of a full sun in order to grow. A Hamma fig leaf is grown in Texas and they have a more heart shaped with the stem coming from the top of the heart.

If a fig leaf has five lobes then it is known as an Alma fig which usually grows along the Gulf of Mexico. San Piero fig leaves also boast five lobes; however the edges are more rough and jagged and are generally grown in California. A fig leaf with seven lobes is known as The Brunswick which is found in the southern regions. The lobes are generally two to four inches long and the two smaller lobes are much shorter than the remaining five lobes.
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A fig tree is a beautiful tree with broad leaves that are cut into a specific pattern. You can see how a fig tree leaf look like at the link below:

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