Where Is The Ghaf Tree Found?


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In the realms of the Arabian Peninsula, one of nature's most gifted creations is present in the form of a tree. This is the ghaf tree that is a blessing for the desert inhabitants of Arabia with its rare way of providing shade through its green canopy of leaves from the harsh rays of the sunlight. Nevertheless a recent threat of extinction has emerged for this precious species attributing to factors like overuse of groundwater, excessive woodcutting, climatic changes as well as the increased extent of cattle grazing (mostly camels) as according to the information given by environmentalists.

The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) joined hands with the Emirates Wildlife Society in their attempts to fight for the survival of the ghaf tree. For this a full-fledged campaign was launched to not only generate awareness amongst the local population and the Emirates' government but also to make the government declare the ghaf tree as the national tree.

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