Where Are Gray Birch Trees Found?


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Gray birch trees are a deciduous tree species found in North America. It is found in almost all the areas in between the east of Ontario and Nova Scotia, as well as the South of Pennsylvania to New Jersey. There are also random populations of these trees in certain parts of North Carolina, Indiana and Virginia.

Gray birch trees have a short lifespan. The outer barks of these trees are a chalky white colour and they do not peel. The inner bark in contrast is a dull orange colour. These trees are narrowly pointed serrate, smooth and somewhat sticky.

A Gray birch tree can grow to a height of twenty to thirty feet and their trunk diameter is approximately six to twelve inches. Their branches are slender small and may even be droopy in occasion. The wood is soft, light and decays swiftly if exposed. It is generally used for pulpwood or fuel.

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