What Do I Use To Cover A Fig Tree For The Winter?


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First you must wrap the fig tree with blankets to the very top leaving breathing hole at the top.  Then wrap the blankets with tar paper which will keep the blankets dry and provide warmth when the sun beats on it.  Tie it up neatly with twine and place a 5 gallon bucket over the breath hole on the top. That's the way my dad and I have done it for years. My dad,s tree is 30 years old. Mine is only 5 but the clippings came from his tree.
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I think there's a lot more in making sure the tree survives than just wrapping it so I found this thread here on some forums that has a pretty detailed account of what happened to one person and another guys advice for him.

One part to note is "..I just wanted to thank you for giving me the advice last fall on properly wrapping my fig tree, it survived the winter!"

Good luck with your fig tree!

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