How Do I Cut Crown Molding For Wall Cabinets? I Need To Know How To Do Outside Corners?


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I'm installing crown molding on wall cabinets and would like advise on how to properly mount the crown molding to the top of the cabinets. I was told by one contractor to attach the crown molding to plywood and have the crown molding rest on top of the cabinets like a hat. What would be your advise for installation?
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Visit to show you how to determine the spring angle so you'll know the compound angles you'll need to cut. Use their crown molding angle generator for the bevel and miter setting.
Also on the FAQ page they have a step by step example of a cabinet crown return that will help you out.
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Cut the crown molding upside down and backwards. You also need to hold the crown molding on the miter saw at the same angle it will sit on the cabinet.

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