What Is An Easy And Effective Way To Clean And Deodorize Hardwood Floors That Smell From Pets. I've Tried Many Different Cleaners And I Just Can't Get The Smell To Go Away. Please Help?


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Baking soda and warm water is usually effective in removing odors. I have never tried it on hardwood but can't see how it would harm it. Try it in a small inconspicuous area first, I guess.
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Well this is not for the floor but it will get rid of the smell try using a air  freshener (cinnamon  for most effective smell take away) hope this helps!!
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Did you try a solution of vinegar and water? Also are you sure the smell is coming from the floor since you've cleaned it ? It may be in the furniture
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Is the smell from cat or dog? Cat smell is really tough to get rid of but it CAN be done. Try half ammonia and half water dilution. Mop floor with this dilution and let air dry. Of course you want to open windows for good airation against fumes, but there should not be too many since this mix is diluted.

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