What Is The Common Base Material Of Wall Stickers Called?


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It is not just the category of wall stickers, which contain these base materials. As a matter of fact, for every category of stickers, the base materials are more or less the same. These base materials are referred to as stocks, which have a number of types. The first type is litho, which is the most essential stock (stock is the base material for a sticker). Then there is latex, which is similar to a litho stock nevertheless it possesses some attributes such as greater flexibility and form.

Also there is acetate, PET film and vinyl, all of which provide a greater degree of strength, flexibility as well as resistance to tearing. Also the ink that is used on stickers is not the conventional ink. The ink used for stickers is lightfast ink. In addition to these, there is foil, which has the properties of a metal foil. Another special kind of stock is the thermal stock, which changes its color when it is heated. These are the major categories of base stocks.
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Can wall art stickers be used on T-shirts as appliques? We are making Nemo character shirts for a trip to Disney World and like the size and clarity of the wall appliques. Could they be used on t-shirts as well and how would I keep them secured?

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