How Do You Clean An Eagle Feather That Has Fallen Out Of The Eagle Itself?


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The discussion on this site has several suggestions
  - use a spray bottle of water
  - swish in soapy water, rinse well, blow dry
  - wash in Woolite (in a container for the purpose--see the link for why), rinse thoroughly, blow dry.
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That is a very good omen for people with blood like us! However do not wear it on your head or any weapon unless it is given to you by an Elder, Or someone with very strong Powers! It is like your Indian name is given to you and you can NEVER pick it!
The Black Feather of the Turkey Buzzard is a talisman and believe to bring good luck to it's owner, but it HAS TO COME FROM THE GROUND and never take that birds Spirit!
Look at all the old ones paintings for photos steal your spirit in the Old Days! And they have the black feather on then somewhere!
The elders will tell you at a Pow wow!
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This didn't tell me how to properly clean it though. I need to know how to clean it.
Glen Thornbury
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Tig I am Indian too would have to ask an ELDER just like you for I'm not allowed to have that great honer! I have the Black feather! I would Worship an Eagle's feather! BLOOD!
If you have one I'm impressed! And you and I are among the only people that could EVEN touch it too!

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