I Bought Two Feather Pillows.They Always Have Little Feathers POKING Out Of Them. Did I Get Bad Pillows Or Do All Feather Pillows Do That?


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ALL feather pillows do that, and even the semi down pillows do that eventually, but I tell you, there is nothing like a good down pillow to sleep on. They don't poof up around your head and try to smother you when you are sleeping. Lol Hope this helps.
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Unfortunately, many feather pillows have feathers poking out of them, this is normal.  Someone thought they were doing me a favour when giving me feather pillows as a gift.  Used a few times and got rid of them, tired of being poked in the face and waking me up.  A friend of mine bought an extremely expensive futon with feathers.  Boy did she regret it.  The only think she could do to resolve was to put a vinyl cover ruining the soft cozy feeling that the futon was supposed to provide in the first place.  Depending on the manufacturer, and even then, you can't be sure, some fabrics if tightly woven should prevent this problem and also, the size and quality of the feathers used is also a factor.  If using small feathers, with tiny quills, they are more likely to escape
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Just don't get poked by a feather in ear that could hurt!! Oh try fluffing them length wise and width that might help also

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