What Causes A Hydrangea Tree To Get Yellow Leaves?


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There are many different reasons which could be causing a hydrangea tree to be getting yellow leaves. It can be the ph that the plant is leaving on and that is the soil, as a lack of iron can result in the leaves becoming yellow, however it can also be the result of insects and parasites which are going to be harming the leaves and therefore you are going to have to ensure that you have the right treatments to use on the leaves so the problems can be solved.

Β· Soil

If you find that the problem is within the soil, then all you need to do is get some substance or some soil which is going to ensure that it has all of the right ph scales to ensure that your plant is going to be able to get rid of the yellow leaves that it has.

Β· Insects

You are not going to be able to see the bugs which are going to be turning he leaves yellow on tour hydrangea tree, you are going to have to go into your local gardening store (and ask for advice is necessary) to get the right treatments which are going to be able to ensure that you are not going to have any further problems from the insects which are going to be harming your tree.

If you are new to gardening and have never have to do this before, it is not going to be as difficult as you think, if you are experienced and what to know if there are any new treatments out there then you can be sure to find the new treatment tips online and within any gardening stores which are going to have the latest products to make your life as easy as possible.
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Check the soil for PH levels.  Most likely the soil is neutral.  Liming or adding quantities of superphosphate to the soil, will produce the pink flowers.
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Are the leaves white? Or do they have like a white powder on them. If they have the white powder it could spider mites, or mildew from too much water. Not positive but I have never heard of leaves turning white.

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