What Is Causing My "Nerium Oleander" Shrub's Leaves To Turn Yellow With Brown Spots?


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Oleander is a very hardy shrub that can adapt to many types of soils. The yellowing leaves could be caused by lack of nutrients or a fungus. Poor drainage or over watering are usually the causes of this fungus.
I would recommend taking a shovel and adding either "Amend" or "Gypsum" to the soil and break it up real good.
This should give you the results of your looking for until your Oleander has matured.
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Coach Dave
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I found this page detailing information on growing oleander on gardenguides.  Give it a quick read, your climate and soils apparently are not the problem.  From the page, "The plants are best adapted to the west coast, southern states, Florida, and Texas and will withstand dry conditions and wind, as well as salty, marshy soils, making them popular in coastal regions."

It goes on to suggest some things you could try to improve drainage or rule out other possible causes for the brown leaves. 

Hope this help!

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