Where Can I Buy Handmade Soap?


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Handmade soaps can be bough from several dealers of natural cosmetics as well as of handmade crafts many of whom have their sites online. Handmade soap has several advantages over the commercially manufactured ones mainly it is free from harmful chemicals that go in to the production of the soap on a commercial scale.

Some other added advantages are the retention of glycerin during the saponification process; most handmade soaps are made from essential oils and natural cleansers which clean the skin in a safe and thorough manner.

Commercial soaps are detergent based and use animal based fats like tallow; the glycerin produced is removed to give the soaps a longer shelf life which results in the skin getting dry and scaly along with have several harmful long term effects on the skin. Handmade soaps are available in a variety of scents using various natural substances like fruit and vegetable extracts, milk, honey and herbal oils like tea tree oil.
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Check out "the soap guy". He has a large variety of natural handmade soap. Olive oil soap is very rich and great for your skin.
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Soap made by real people really is the best isn't it?  I got sick and tired of how dry my skin would be every time I used a bar of commercial soap or even worse some of the crap companies pass off as "body wash".  Depending on where you live you can probably find a local artisan who makes and sells soaps or you can always try finding handmade soap artisans online selling there goods at etsy or artifre or one of those sites.
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There are many sources for natural and handmade soap online.  One major source that is available, if you don't mind spending $50 or more, is [[EXT  They seem to have a higher quality soap than many other handmade soaps and I sell their soaps locally now because I believe in their product and they are so affordable (really, I couldn't believe how low their prices were compared to many other handmade soap makers).
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You can buy natural handmade soap from on the web or on the weekends at 22-07 36th street in Astoria, NY.
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You can buy handmade soaps lots of places:  Craft fairs, festivals, stores, on-line - directly from soap makers---and more!
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Http://  I make my soaps using the finest oils available:  Coconut oil, rice bran oil, olive oil pomace, castor oil, shea butter and cocoa butter.  These ingredients combine to give a truly moisturizing lather, which is great for sensitive, dry skin as well as for folks who suffer from eczema and psoriasis.  Reasonably priced and vegan friendly, with absolutely no chemicals added other than sodium hydroxide (lye) which is essential to the soapmaking process.  I also have soaps listed on ebay which are on sale now:

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