What Kind Of Curtains Will Look Match With The Bamboo Blinds?


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Muhammad Sohail answered
When there is bamboo blinds, the white flimsy curtains look much better that made valuable the summer breeze and tropical climate. Also some cream color or white silk color curtains with some fresh oriental flowers or other oriental designs on them suits.

The main thing is that you have to look forward to the theme in rest of your home. You can find out that by looking at all the things exists in your home. It depends on the nature of individual, what things and which styles he likes with these bamboo blinds. We can go with many direction with that bamboo blinds. We can make a simple window scarf or can go for a formal jungle colors.

If we made linen roman shades on the bamboo blinds, it would be nice and will looks more beautiful. It will add a fabric softness and cleanness to the whole look but it won't interrupt the blinds of bamboo and its flow. Most of the times something linen like stuffs consist of rough texture and colors with the bamboo blinds look much natural. It doesn't look much artificial in nature. Bamboo blinds always match with light colors as well with dark but it mostly depends on the curtains and also more important is the theme of the rest of the home.

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