How Do I Anchor A Big Max Shed?


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Greetings: Having built the ol' aluminum sheds in the past and after reading user/builder comments in E-pinions, etc., I am sure I have the anchoring problem solved. This is a big potential problem where I live due to high winds that actually lifted my first shed into the air making it fly farther than the Wright brothers.

Some people have anchored the bottom of their shed to the foundation -- an easy method which requires FAA certification as it, too, shall earn its wings during a wind storm. The solution is fairly simple: Purchase several screw-in anchors, the kind that some people use to attach a dog leash to, which can be about a foot or more long and drill those puppies into our unnamed planet. I will use 4 anchors on both sides (not the front or the back.) Then I would use a sturdy strap attached to an anchor and lead the strap over the roof to the other side's anchor and tighten that sucker down. Repeat 3 times. Alternatively, using plastic-coated wire instead of straps would do the trick provided the proper connecting hardware is used on the ends of the wires to the anchors.

In addition to the strap method I would also install the optional 2 X 6 beams to the ceiling to add a bit of weight to the top as well as to have an easy, sturdy place to attach hooks, lights and what-nots inside.

Finally, I would check my home-owner's insurance policy to make sure the flying-ace Blue Max is covered. j/k

I hope this helps! Regards, David.

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