My Armstrong LP Furnace (75,000 Btu) Operates Normally Most Of The Time But Periodically I Hear A Peculiar Noise And Discover The Gas Is Burning Within One Of The 3 Burner Tubes. By Turning It Off And Then On Again It Works Fine Then. Can You Help? Solution?


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May need a cleaning. Could be that the crossover tubes are plugged and not igniting the other two. This brings up the question why is it still running on one burner because usually the flame sense rod is on the furthest burner from the ignitor( or burner first to light). Has this furnace been worked on by  joe plumber hacker and the saftys been bypassed?this is a serious condition that could cause a delayed ignition or small explosion. Have a qualified technician service it.
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My son and I cleaned it very thoroughly a month ago but it has had this symptom for years. I installed it 17 years ago but I don't remember it doing this early in its career. It doesn't have any type of flame proving system other than the thermocouple on the pilot light. The other hood safeties are functional. I believe for some unknown reason the LP flow down the burner gets ignited early and then burns within the burner tube. I will look at the "crossover tube" you mentioned. Thanks.
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If its burning back in the venture, could just be an air adjustment.

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