How To Word Wanting A Money Tree Instead Of Gifts For Our Housewarming Party?


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Dear friend,

I am a greedy person - please send money.
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If its a concern people will bring gifts you already have or don't fit your taste you can always send out the invitation with a gift regisry for a specific store or keep in mind you can return any items you recieve or exchange for items you needed instead. I really don't know if there is a way to request a money tree instead of gifts without sounding (sorry to say) tasteless. Personally I always go into those situations with no expectations and appreciation for what ever is done for me. I hope you have a great housewarming party and enjoy your new home. Fro's suggestion could be good if you have a close family member who knows all the attendees well enough to approach them about it.
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The most un-offensive way is to have someone else, perhaps a parent, sibling, or best-man/maid-of-honor host the party and request the money tree as a gift alternative on the invite.

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