What Are The Different Styles Of Floral Arrangements? Explain All Types In Detail.


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Flower arrangement is one of the beautiful and artistic arts; this art is gaining popularity day by day because of its artistic nature. There is no hard and fast rule followed by the designers to complete the arrangements. But if we talk about the styles then we find that the style of such arrangements can be divided into following three categories.

1. Oriental Flower Arrangements
2. Traditional Flower arrangements.
3. Modern Flower Arrangements

The first category of the styles of the floral arrangement is all about the work of the appearance of the flowery arrangements. The second type is also termed as the Western Flower arrangements. This key point of these arrangements is to use a large number of beautiful and colorful flowers. These styles are enriched of so many beautiful flowers; use of other accessories is not common in such arrangements. The last style of floral arrangements does not follow any of the design rules at all. This all is concerned about the likes and dislikes of the designer. Designer can use different accessories, the stylish green and dry leaves of different sizes and flowers. First and the last style categories have many common features because they emphasize on the appearance.
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You can arrange your flowers by the shape of the vase you use. For example, a narrow, tall vase calls for a rectangular floral arrangement, going upwards. A smaller, round vase calls for a rounded, ball-like arrangement. A square, short vase looks nice with an arrangement that reaches over each left and right side.

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