What Are These Tiny Black Bugs With Wings In My House?


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From this very brief description it is pretty much impossible to identify what kind of bugs you are talking about that are in your house. There are a number of bugs and insects that inhabit people’s houses but it can be very much dependent on where the house is situated, the time of year and the climate.
The first bug that comes to mind is the common carpet bug, these are similar to ladybugs with a shell and wings, however they are slightly smaller than the red and black spotted ladybug. These carpet bugs tend to live deep down in the carpet or even the carpet underlay itself. Their presence doesn’t necessarily mean your carpets are old or dirty and a powder that you shake onto your carpet can be purchased in home in "Do It Yourself” stores.
It is more likely that they are fruit flies. These are very much self-explanatory and tend to settle around fruit and open food containers and they are often attracted to sweet drinks and wine too. A Venus fly trap in the house is very much an organic solution to this problem.
Several times a year flying ants tend to appear and the area can be crawling with them, this is usually due to them leaving the nest for the first time. Flying ants are much bigger than fruit flies or carpet bugs and don’t tend to stay in a household though they are often blown in if a window or door has been left open. Flying ants tend not to live longer than about 24 hours.
There really are a whole host of insects that this could be from the description and apart from a very few species most are harmless, but it is always worth getting an expert opinion from a pest control company if the problem persists or you are concerned.

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